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An overhaul involves:-
Removing the movement from the case, removing the hands and dial from the movement.
Dismantling the movement into component parts, and checking all parts for signs of wear, replacing where necessary.
Cleaning and rinsing the individual parts in special fluids that remove all traces of old congealed oil.
Reassembling and oiling where necessary with special Swiss watch oils.
Ultrasonically cleaning and polishing the case and bracelet.
Refitting the movement into the case and testing for water resistance if necessary.
Testing over several days for timekeeping.


Watch Service prices

Mechanical hand wound watch £90
Automatic watch £160
Mechanical chronograph £220
Automatic chronograph £250
Older mechanical models estimate on inspection
Quartz watch £75
New quartz module lower grade watch £45








Any case parts required such as a crown will cost extra.
Vintage watches ( older than 25 years) would need an estimate to repair.
There is no charge for an estimate.
Contact me for advice on posting your watch.

Repair Prices 

New glass £30
New plastic glass £15
Make and fit shaped glass £45
New sapphire glass from £40
New plain crown from £15
New winding stem £15
Branded crown from £40
Dial restore £150










Battery fitting

New battery fitted from £10
Water pressure test £15

I use quality Renata batteries
The watch can be pressure tested if necessary to check the water resistance of the seals.

Water Resistance Chart

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